Closing of the exceptional conference

An exceptional number of 648 participants, 131 presenters in 32 parallel sessions and 4 plenary sessions – these numbers can briefly describe this year’s TNC 2013 conference. Plans for new cooperation projects, a unique number of joint demonstrations, side meetings, and ideas on how to implement “Innovating together” lasted from Sunday, the official ending of the conference on Thursday afternoon, will be completed with the weekend meetings. Feast of the research network is about to be complete.

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Thursday daily impression

Last day and closing of Terena Networking Conference 2013 in Maastricht – in a nutshell.



Interview with Jean-Luc Dorel

Jean-Luc Dorel from European Commison on TNC, NRENS and Horizon 2020 programme.


Interview with Tomohiro Kudoh

Tomohiro Kudoh from AIST on Japanese and European research collaboration.



Interview with Maria Häll

Maria Häll from SUNET on Internet governance battle at Terena 2013.


Gala evening

Watch the full of attraction gala evening organised in picturesque Chateau Gerlach during Terena Networking Conference 2013 in Maastricht.



Wednesday daily impression

Third day of Terena Networking Conference 2013 in Maastricht – in a nutshell.


Interview with Kenji Takeda

With Kenji Takeda from Microsoft Research at TNC’2013 on Big Data, Big History and big challanges they bring.


Interview with Robin Wilton

With Robin Wilton, the Internet Society’s Technical Outreach Director for Identity and Privacy, on evolution of online privacy at TNC’2013.


Big Data, Big History …. and privacy


“Data explosion changes science” – such a thesis, during Wednesday’s plenary session of the TNC 2013 conference, was proposed by a special guest, Kenji Takeda from Microsoft Research. In his presentation entitled: “From Big Data to Big History and Beyond” he showed that increasing the possibility of obtaining and collecting data, and hence, also its efficient processing consist a new stage of discoveries in science.

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